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  Privacy Policy.
  Our portal collects professional information from you or your entity when you register to receive our services to help you manage your employees. Any information that you enter or present through our solutions is treated as confidential information; this information is encrypted at the time of uploading the information to our systems regardless of the nature of the information.
  When you register, we request information such as your name or your business entity, email, telephone and postal code. Your information and that of your entity is only visible by your company and who you designate; you control who has access to your information on our portal.
  Our clients are professionals and entities; as professionals and recognized companies they are 100% responsible for the truthfulness and authenticity of any information they provide.
  Cookies, our portal can create and set cookies on your computer to facilitate access to the solution; but in such cookies hold no confidential information of your company.
  Our customer information is not shared with anyone.