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Frequently asked questions and answers:
How much does our services cost?
The portal is an economic service for personnel management; does not require the purchase of any equipment or programs, once we receive your request for information, we call you to understand your business and we configure the best solution for your needs.
How does it work?
Your employees will record their work periods on their work area in the office or on the street. At the end of the week it is possible to print the work periods or customer’s engagement meetings registered.
How can you help me with my sales force, marketing and professional services?
Our personnel management solutions using cell phones can be a great help. This feature is designed to manage sales functions, services, promotions, marketing, deliveries, merchandisers and others. It is everyone's knowledge that the cell phone knows who you are and where you are; this mobile function can record the meetings of your staff with your customers increasing sales and improving service. This tool integrates Geo-location, employee identification, fingerprints, customer accounts and outcomes/tasks to achieve precise control of resource utilization.
How can I start using it?
Select the button on the main screen that says create your FREE account or the link below that says CONCTAC US. Send your contact information (phone, email and the name of your company) we will reply as soon as possible within the next 48 hours.
What happens after that sending my information?
We will create the administrator account and password to access the platform; we always give you a call in which we explain everything you need to know to get the most out of the tool and help you create your employees accounts. This was designed so that anyone could configure the information of your company, your punch stations and your employees.
If I need more help than I can do?
If you like we can coordinate an appointment and we visit you to personalize the experience, the whole configuration is achieved in less than 30 minutes. We can help you train your employees, takes approximately 10 -15 minutes.
Once I have the administrator account what are the steps that I must follow?
1. Create accounts of your supervisors
2. Create the accounts of your employees and their report relationship.
3. Record attendance recording stations
4. Assign employees to registered stations (optional).
How do I print or print my reports?
The report menu allows the Administrator, Supervisor and Employee to print any of the reports from the last 12 weeks.
Can another company see my profile?
No company, no employee can view information from other companies.
If my company wants to advertise what do I do?
Press the CONTACT US in button of the page to detail your interest, an appointment will be arranged at your convenience to understand your needs.