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  Who we are?
  Our portal is a place of management of labor forces for entrepreneurs of all sizes and all types of employees.
  Our personnel management services can help reduce your costs and optimize human capital; it will help you create greater operational efficiencies. The portal is a safe, innovative and expeditious service for any type of company, with employees in your office or mobile visiting clients.
  Our personnel management solutions using cell phones can be of great help to mobile personnel. This feature is designed to manage sales functions, services, promotions, marketing, deliveries, merchandisers and others. It is everyone's knowledge that the cell phone knows who you are and where you are; this mobile function can record the meetings of your staff with your customers. Our goal is to increase your sales and improve your services. This tool integrates Geo-location, employee identification, fingerprints, customer accounts and results to achieve precise control of resource utilization.
  We seek to help the merchant with controls that help him to be more efficient; working within a community of members who use our services. We recognize the importance of the time of our members; it is our commitment to align the commercial interests of our members.